City Tour

Do you think London is the only place to find double-deckers?


No matter how hard you struggle to discover a city by yourself, nothing compares to a guide. That is why, one day, we chose to run away from the hot summer sun and let the chilly breeze on the upper deck of this bus run through our hair. You see the world different from up here, just because you are with a “storey” above everyone else. So off we went…

Centuries of history passed in front of our eyes, bearing the colours of different times.

What I found great about this trip,though, was the audio guide. Each one of us was provided with a pair of headphones that we had to insert in the front chair. Not only did it have more and better organized information than you will ever find on-line, but it was also synchronized with the actual trip. So, whenever you turned and came across a building, it would tell you about that particular building in one of the 10 most popular languages here. Another helping item was the map we were given, which marked the most important tourist attractions, as well as the pauses they made to give us time to take pictures.

All in all, it was worth it.

And P.S.: Good job, City Tour! 😀


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  1. Hah! Peste ce am dat eu aici! Bloggerito ;))

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