Kids Time

For me kids are like an unwritten page. You can put there whatever you like. It’s like a work of art. The beauty of it is that it does not resist time, it alters. With every step, with every second, it can become sublime and monstrous. That is why you create something more valuable than a work of art: a character. You don’t create something that is bound to resist time, but something that is bound to resist vice and excess.


Contact with other cultures makes one more aware about the differences between mentalities and lifestyles, and as a consequence more open and more tolerant. It offers them a proper preparation for a future intercultural environment and a wide variety of models to choose from.

I introduce to you the cutest, most curious tiny people:

Children that drew our Romanian flag and map

Playing our little games

Meet “Miaunel si Balanel”

As I was watching these little people, I wondered what they could become when they grew up, what persons could be shaped out of this fragile material. But most of all, I shuddered at the idea of racism. How could one turn against another with so unjustified a reason? How can one turn out so wrong when we all evolved from the same blank page?

It is our duty to be careful with each other.


For breaking up stereotypes and building wide horizons, that’s why this project is a brilliant idea.


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  2. GREAT JOB ! 🙂 I like your post very very much!

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